Think of a brand name...


...and then think of its logo. The world is full of well known logos that you don't need to see the name associated with it, you just know it! pixelthis designers have had experience with creating some of the best new logos for new and existing businesses in Ireland down the years. Contact us to find out who those logos belong to!

A properly designed logo is one of your business's best branded items. It must be bold without being too loud, classy but still be welcoming, and powerful to remain recognisable, relatable, and attractive. At pixelthis, we believe in giving life to your brand through our experience, passion and capabilities for logo design. Let our experience become the effective and powerful branding solution that will effortlessly communicate identity and meaning to your target audience.





What about those 1-2-3 logo design websites?

Sure, not everyone is crazy - or knowledgable - about DIY logo designing, and that is OK. You could visit one of those websites that will create a logo for you in a couple of clicks, using any number of pre-designed templates that have been used around the world already.

Or, you could get in touch with us, have a chat and begin a working relationship for a brand identity that will stay with you for as long as your business needs it. After all, we have 13 years award winning experience and have created some memorable brands all around Ireland and beyond.

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