Graphic Design

Graphic design by pixel this


Graphic design is at the core of pixelthis. None of the services offered would be possible without it! Effective graphic design is crucial in order to communicate with your customers. Effective graphic design also increases brand awareness and will therefore increase your business's success.


"Leading edge graphic design is essential for a strong design image."

Logo Design

Graphic design by pixel this


The design of a logo is crucial to your business’s image. It must be recognisable, memorable, and attractive. Logos are often the first impression that a potential client gets of your business. It’s on your business cards, website, social media, paper materials and even branded clothing and PR material.


"In essence, your logo is the visual shorthand for your business."

Why Choose Pixel This?

Graphic design by pixel this


Design is not just about making things look beautiful, colourful and stylish. One must understand the expectations of the customer to bring to life an engaging design that connects your customers with your product or service. We have experience since 2003 in making such connections happen.

How we Work

Graphic design by pixel this


The thought process at pixelthis to creating your logo is to start with understanding. We need to get a feel for your business, its mission statement, its product or service. Through years of experience and an intimate working relationship with our clients, we have achieved designs that work, not just in the present but into the future too.




Have we got your attention?

Logos and graphics by pixelthis designers have traveled the length and breadth of Ireland, serving individuals, entrepreneurs and large scale companies. Are you interested in working with us?


Want to see some of our designs over the years? Contact us and let us know. Some of the region's biggest and best products and services started out small. But they didn't stay small for long: they grew and expanded, and before they knew it, they were a force to be reckoned with! Do you think a poorly designed brief helped them?

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