About Pixel This

pixelthis is a small company with big brand experience. Since 2003, our chief designer has worked with some of the biggest companies in Ireland: TG4, Midlands 103, The Carers Association, Ford, HSE, County Enterprise Boards as well as many smaller and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs. We have the expertise and experience to work with clients of any size while at the same time we have always ensured that our customer experience and attention to detail is always top class.


We can help your business to communicate with your customers better, promoting your product or service in such a way that it is differentiated miles ahead of your competitors.


pixelthis adds value to your working relationship with us by working closely with you to help you communicate clearly and effectively to your target market and achieve your aims. Speaking a language that your customers understand - and thereby connecting with them - makes you already one step ahead of your competition.



About The Chief Designer

Seanie Morris,
 Graphic Designer at Pixel ThisSeanie Morris has been a graphic and website designer since 2003. Working with small and medium size companies and entrepreneurs, he was always in demand by his existing client base at the time.


In late 2007 he teamed up with his brother Jesse and founded Dezynamite, which became an award winning partnership with an even bigger client reach in the areas of graphic design, website services, printing and promotional products. One of Seanie's crowning glories was helping oversee a 3 month-long finalist programme that saw Dezynamite reach the final 5 in Ireland in its category at the Small Firms Association National Small Business Awards in 2014, beating over 1,200 other companies in the process.


Seanie pursued his own children's book in early 2015 and took some time out for himself. Eventually, the lure of graphic and website design after 'Melvin The Friendly Bedtime Monster' was published became too strong, and once again, Seanie finds himself providing a service backed by an award winning experience under his new brand, pixelthis.

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